Become a Member

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Kiwanis Club of LaPorte, complete and return a Member Application. Contact the club with questions by calling (219) 575-2038.

The Kiwanis Club of LaPorte is commited to maintaining a high level of community service, diversity and excellence in business networking for its members.

We are looking for good leaders...

As a Kiwanis Club that desires to make major service contributions to the Indianapolis area, we recognize the need for business, professional, community and government leaders who are able to apply their significant skills and other resources to the advancement of club objectives. Consequently, we are continually seeking diversity in membership of Indianapolis' most able and motivated leaders. 

(a) An active member must be of good character and community standing who resides or has other community
interests within the area of this club.

(b) An active member must be engaged in an occupation in a recognized line of business, vocation, agriculture, or institutional or professional life or who, having been so engaged, has retired.

(c) An active member must pay a membership fee and annual membership dues and shall be entitled to all the privileges of this club.

(d) A person of good character is a person who adheres to the standards of good conduct in his/her community and believes in and subscribes to the Objectives of Kiwanis International. 

The qualifications for membership are:

  1. That the individual be an adult of good character;
  2. That the individual have a good business/professional reputation;
  3. That the individual demonstrate an ability to meet the financial commitments attendant to activities of the club's service projects; 
  4. That the individual will annually:
    (a) commit to attend as many Kiwanis meetings as possible and participate in club-sponsored activities or make such other contributions to the club;
    (b) commit to serve and be active in one or more committees.
  5. That the individual demonstrate leadership qualities that would enhance the growth and fellowship of the club and its objectives.

Applicant must either:

(a) be actively engaged or formerly engaged in a role of a business, profession, community or government organization, or

(b) be an individual who has indicated that he/she would actively participate in club activities and whose membership would substantially contribute to the advancement of the club objectives.